Here are just a few notes about the events:


v 40 classmates met at Tried & True Alehouse on Friday, August 16, for drinks, food, and great conversation. 


v On Saturday, August 17, 30 classmates met for coffee, donuts and pumpkin bread and more conversation at Dye’s Walk. 


v At 11:30 a.m. 70 classmates met at Southport High School and toured the school and memorabilia room.  


v We then met at 6:00 p.m. for our big event at Dye’s Walk.  We had 155 classmates attending; total attendance with guests was 223.  A 50/50 raffle resulted in $570 being raised to add to the scholarship fund.  (Thanks to Joe Sanders for contributing his winning $285 back into the total!) 


v Afterward, 15 classmates met at O’Reilly’s Irish Bar for drinks and conversation. 


v On Sunday, August 18, 32 classmates met for brunch at O'Reilly’s Irish Bar.


v In the afternoon, 17 classmates met at Victory Field for an Indians baseball game.


Baseball Game Report from Ed Wills:

Baseball Game:  Indianapolis Indians V. Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs

This was our final official reunion activity.  First, Kudos to our event organizer, Joanne Reed Hearrell, for getting us seats in the shade (although, as a result, sun screen and a hat purchase were largely wasted, with the positive news that, after a diligent search, an Indians baseball cap that did not require a second home mortgage was located and acquired).  The game started slowly for the home town favorites, who did not get a hit until the 5th inning and fell behind early.  The opposing pitching staff was, however, kind enough walk in two runs along the way, so that the score at the end of 8 ½ innings was (in politically correct speak):  Ferrous porcines 7, Native Americans 2.  For those of you who left early (and you know who you are), you missed the following:  Iron Pig pitchers were unable to locate the plate (Let’s play “Name that Movie” here) “Ball four”; “Ball eight”; (Ball twelve - walking the bases loaded; ball 16 - walking in one run) ”Boy, how can these guys lay off pitches that close?".  The first pitch from the new pitcher (just about time, don't you think?) was wild, resulting in a second run scoring and leaving two men on base (2nd and 3rd).  Should we walk him to set up a force at any base? (Never put the tying run on base - basic rule of baseball managing - Note: it doesn't always work)  The very next pitch was launched into the side of the J.W. Mariott Hotel across Maryland Street, for three more runs, tying up the game (Name that Movie clue #2) “Looked like a strike anyway”.  To recap the bottom of the ninth, Iron Pigs pitchers struck out the side, but while doing so allowed 5 runs on one hit (ERA 45.00). This gave those of us remaining in attendance some bonus baseball, and in the absolute best possible case scenario (we were in the shade, but it was a hot day), after retiring the visitors quickly in the top of the 10th, the home team scored equally quickly in the bottom of the 10th (on only their 3rd legitimate hit of the day) for a well earned victory (after all, they did win 2 of the 10 innings – 20% for the mathematically impaired - at least I think that's right).  As a special added bonus, a complete set of souvenir Indianapolis Indians drink cups was added to the author’s china cabinet.  The game was a great ending to a fabulous 50th reunion weekend!