These classmates and their guests attended the 50-year Reunion the weekend of August 16-18, 2019!
Garry Adams
Larry Adams
Jim and Linda Anderson
Mike Atkerson - Friday Mixer
Steven Beals
Bill and Millie Beck
Kent Bell
Bruce and Pat Bendinger
Terry and Karin (Beuke) Tryon
Carol (Blanchard) Foster
Terry and Ann (Braford) Mappes
Mike and Darla Brower
Sherry (Brown) Million and Don Koehler
Mark Brunnemer
Mike Buck
Ron Buckley
Jim Caldwell
Lorraine (Callender) Getty and friend Harv
Karen (Campbell) Wade
Randy and Gwynn Christie
Cindy (Cleaton) Gray
Cathy (Combs) Hansell
Jeanne (Coryell) Farrell
Steve Covington
Bill and Donna Dashiell
Dan and Debbie (Davidson) Hillenburg
Robert Davidson
Rick Davis
Gary Deer
Marie DeMore
Gary and Debbie (Denien) Montgomery
Greg and Debby Doyle
Pam (Dravis) Atwood 
Jim and Mickey (Weidman) Dunbar
Dave and Debbie Duncan
Krystal (Dutton) Higgins
Jed Duvall
Larry and Marcia (Duvall) Davidson
John Edeus
Linda Eyster
Richard and Darlene (Farrior) Holloway
Mary (Fields) Gill and Jennifer Campbell
David and Marilyn (Sue Fisher) Hoyt
Mark Fitzpatrick
Dave and Pat Folck
Jan Frazee and Tim Johnson
Alana Gann
David Girton
Larry and Cindy (Glidden) VanHorn
David and Janis (Grindean) Morgan
Dave and Connie (Jordan) Guyon
Ken and Judy (Hammond) Otto
Terry and Donna (Hancock) Kindle
John Hannan
Bonita (Hardy) DiGiovanni
Rick and Kathleen Hash
Lisa Haver
Ed and Nancy (Haynes) Rippy - Indians game
Darrell Heatherly
Andy and Deb Held
Howard Hempenius
Beverly (Hendrickson) Ray
Denny Henry
Mike and Carol Henry
Elaine (Hildwein) Walker
Mike Hillock
Barry and Beth Hix
Bill and Carolynn Hobson
Deborah (Hohn) Keough
Kathy (Holdeman) Cairns
Kennith and Vicki Huehls
Janice (Humbarger) Amonette
Susan Ingmire
John and Diana Iozzo
Jeanie (Jackson) Drumm
Steve and Amy Jackson
Gloria (Janzen) Boyd
Cheryl (Jeffries) Ollmann
Harry and Jane Johnson
John and Patty (Johnson) Palman
Vickie Johnson
Koby Kern
John and Karol (Kiewit) Siefer
Larry and Beth Kincaid
Eric King
Donna (Kinney) Daulton
Ed and Cindy (Kirsch) Wills
Kenny and Connie Kottkamp
Marsha (Leachman) Hanley
Cindy (Leak) Ely
Jim Luckey and Susan Luckey
Judy (Mastalerz) Guilliam and Richard Shannon
Greg and Kate Maybury
Eric and Shelia Mayfield
Ron and Susan McClain
Joseph and Janet (McCoy) Flores
Dan McLaughlin
Ken and Terri (Mennel) McClung
Tim Meyer
Barry Moore
Sue Morthland Lakin
Keith and Barbara (Moxley) Rector
Dee (Myers) McConville
Karthur Nitsch
Dan and Sandy Norris
Dwayne Olson
Herb and Sandy (Orme) Taylor
Jan (Owens) Wilson
Garry and Carol Phillips
Don and Jan (Phillips) Perkins
Kathy (Post) Herrin
Paul and Cathy Poynter
Paula (Prater) Ringler
Gina (Price) Eagan
Danny and Debbie (Steinmeyer) Quinn
Michael and Anita (Rapp) Hohmann
Dave and Joanne (Reed) Hearrell
Steve Resner
David and Sherrie (Rich) Leonard
Gary and Nancy Robbins
Ralph Roehling
Dee (Rohrman) Allen
Bev (Rookstool) Cook
Joe Sanders
Carol (Sanderson) Carter
Carol (Satterfield) Morgan
Chris and Lisa Schaler
Gary Schlensker
Kim (Selzer) Davis-Huff
Doug and Katy Settle
Elizabeth (Sgroi) McGail and Tom Patterson
Lowell and Pamela Shroyer
Patty (Smyser) Noone
Mike and Jamie Spivey
Brad Spurgin
Jim and Jane Stohler
Scott Stone
Doug and Pamela Stover
Skip Surface
David and Edie Swenby
Judy Tilton
Ron Townsend - Friday Mixer
Debbie Tucker Ford
Anita Vaughn
Dennis and Deborah Vessels
Tom and Suzanne Vornholt
Larry Wallman
Dennis and Beverly Sue White
Karen (Wilson) Hand
Mark Winzenread
Charles and Charlott Wright
Dee Young and Reggie Muse
Scott and Kent Zacharias