The Continuing Mission of the Reunion Committee

With all the efforts put forth for the upcoming reunion, we have located the majority of the 702 names on our SHS '69 Class list! 
But we still have friends who we need to reach to tell them about the reunion.

702? Our list is comprised of all of the people who were in our graduating class, and some that attended school with us, yet graduated elsewhere and still consider themselves a part of the Class of '69.

Is your name on this list? 
Please provide your current contact information by using the Classmates' Info page.

Spot a Buddy? 
If you have information for anyone on this list, or see the name of a Classmate you're in contact with, please share. 
Send us what you have via the Contact Us formThanks!

We will continue to update this list and we will continue to search for every one.

            Current Update  
                 Truly A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
After 50 years, we've been able to locate, contact and communicate
                 with nearly 500 of our classmates!

But we still need email addresses or postal addresses for the classmates on the attached listing to let them know about the reunion.  (If you know classmates on Facebook, that's GREAT, but we will need email addresses or postal addresses.)

Please check the attached list to help us get in touch with all of our classmates.


Diligent, Dedicated Hunters or Relentless Stalkers ??
What we have found most interesting ...
is that most of the people that we have found have told us ...
  • they didn't realize that we were looking for them, 
  • they didn't really think anyone cared to find them, 
  • they didn't even know we'd been having reunions every 5 years, 
  • they figure most wouldn't remember who they were, and 
  • they're not sure if they'd remember anyone, either! 
Most have enjoyed being found and included, both in the informational lists and in the updates. 
Sure, we know there are some people who "just don't want to be found."
But that's not the majority.   
It's our goal to locate everyone, to let each one know that we, as a collective body, remember who they are and where they came from. 
Once found, each member of our class can make their own individual choice as to how much to communicate and by what methods. 


Beth L.   Abrams Nelson
Ronald P. Adams  
Steve J.  Adams  
Steven G.  Anderson  
Bruce A.  Bain  
Debbi  Baird  
Stephen M.  Baker  
Richard J.  Bardy III  
Karen A.  Barnes  Fix
Barbara  Bayer  
Karen A.  Best Emlet
Jenny L. Beswick  Baker
Jo D. Bilbrey  Kitzmiller
Sherry E.  Blaker  
Gary D.  Blankenship  
Barbara A.   Bogeman Klett
Susan  A. Boyll Abella
Brad C.  Braden  
Phillip B.  Bradshaw  
Theodore J.  Brooks  
Mary C.  Brown  
Marsha  Bryant  
Donald P.  Burns  
David B.  Burton  
Chris  Camden Harris
Donald E.  Candler  
Roger D.  Caperton  
Tina M. Casey  Hoffman
Willa K. Clements  Herrin
Sue  Cole  
Charles B.  Condrey  
Robin L.  Corbin  
Cheryl A. Courtney  Costello
Daniel J.  Creeden  
Gregory S.  Cress  
Larry F.  Cummick  
Gary L.  Dailey  
Susan M.  Darlington  
Ted J.  Davidson  
Gary W.  Davis  
Theresa A. Davis  
Lindsay  Davis  Trapp
James  Delaney  
David A.  Denny  
Prudy A. Dolce Williams
Catherine S. Dunmire Polesel
Van  Edmundson  
Gilbert D.  Eggemeyer  
Richard A. Elkins  
Duane E.  Farley  
Mischa A. Ferguson Whitfield
Joseph V.  Ferrer  
Nancy L. Flanary  Warmoth
Deborah J.   Fleenor Nash
Daniel L.  Fletcher  
Evelyn R.  Fletcher  
Karen A. Foltz  Young
Dana  Frantz  
Marc  Frantz  
Brenda S.  Galbraith Thompson
Douglas  Gard  
Margaret  Gaskin  Mathews
Terri L.  Gillaspy  Donnella
Stephen  Gillette  
Randall E.  Glesing  
Dwight E.  Godbey  
Michael L.  Gonterman  
Anita G. Greene Page
James C.  Griffin  
William D.  Grimes  
Janice C. Groves  Rose
Brent W.  Hackenbracht  
Timothy E.  Harding  
D. Rick  Harris  
Rebecca L. Hart Henry
Debra J.  Hendricks  
Kenneth R.  Herndon  
Mark E.  Herner  
Judy M. Hill Rank
Judy  Hoagland  
Mary F. Hoss Neumeister
David A.  Huey  
Robert A.  Jackson  
Gloria D.  James Wilcoxon
C. David  Johnson III  
C. Douglas  Johnston  
Jeff  Kasurin  
Donald E. Kendrick  
Paul R.  Kidwell  
Sally E.  Kingery  
Michael L.  Kinslow  
Fred S.  Klemm  
Linda C. Klinge Henderson
Charles R.  Lahaise  
Michael A.  Lanahan  
Vickie  Lane Sodrel
Linda L.  Likens Hiatt
Margaret Linson Means
Linda L.  Lloyd  
Robert G.  Long  
Laurence L.  Loy  
Jack  Lucas  
Thomas L.  Lyell  
Wayne E.  Maddox  
Mary  Marr Halcomb
Wayne C.  Marsh  
Beverly  Martin  
Charlie R.  Martin  
Terry L.  Martindale  
Glenna F. McDaniel Henninger
Robert D.  McGillicuddy  
David F.  McIver  
Gary C.  McKay  
Beverly E. McQueen Baldwin
Tony J.  Melkey  
Stephen L.  Merritt  
Laura  Miller Morales
Donna M. Minor Wheeler
Stephen  Moore  
Dena L. Mullenix Petty
R. Timothy  Murphy  
Charles  Musgrove  
Robert  Nelms  
Barbara J.  Neville  
Curt J.  Odle  
Rebecca  Parks  
Norma A. Paugh McFarland
Claudia A. Pearcy Sweeney
Donald L.  Pease  
Pamela A. Pickett  
Cheryl L. Pittman Wright
James D.  Price  
Carol J. Privett Garrigus
Larry D.  Roberts  
Tonya  Robertson  
Trudy J.  Rogers  
Jerome (Jerry)  Rosenbaum  
Lewis A.  Rowe  
Cynthia  Sampson Pinkston
Charles O.  Schlicher  
Vicki  Schwieterman  
Anita J.  Scott Pidun
Mary Ann  Sells Clippinger
Bonnie J. Shackelford Henry
M. Theresa  Shannon  
David T.  Shea  
Nancy K. Sherry Eichelberger
Gregory  Short  
Ronald S.  Silvers  
Sally K. Simpson Carnes
David  Smith  
Ronald W.  Smith  
Toni L. Smith Marcum
Emily D.  Staats Lengyel
Donald W.  Stewart  
Robert W.  Summitt  
Clifton L.  Sutt  
Sylvia L. Swartz Roberts
Gary L.  Sweeney  
Patty Swickard-Tejera  
Douglas H.  Syrus  
J. Michael  Tackett  
Sharon L.  Tanksley  
Debra K.  Tharp  
Steven C.  Thomas  
Brenda J. Thompson Sand
Gloria K. Thompson McNeill
Jacalyn A. Timbs Schultz
Sally A. Townsend Donahue
William M.  Turner  
Steve A.  Vance  
Teresa  VanHorn  
Roberta L. Wallace Gonzalez
Sheila A. Walton Byers
Diane E.  Ward  
Melissa A. Watkins Gimpel
Philip A.  Wayne  
Diane  Webb  
Rebecca A.  Webb  
Jonna L. Weigand  
Sharon L. Wessel Stephens
Eric White  
Debra S. Wiles  
Linda D. Williams Burgess
Carolyn G. Wilson Kirby
Janice Wilson Clark
Sue E. Wilson  
Joanne   Windhorst Dean
Deborah L. Wirey Whitaker
Jackie  Witt  
F. Stefan Wolfla  
Richard D. Wood